Free Tastes Good

I have no qualms what so ever about free food. None at all.

As a result, I don’t need to go grocery shopping this week, lol.

The Boy is headed out on an 8-9 day motorcycle trip with his dad, grandfather and a bunch of other guys they know. As a result, all of the food in his fridge (which he didn’t use this week… *shakes head*) was sent home with me. Clamshell of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, orange pepper, bread, cheese, you name it. He tried to send the milk with me too, but the carton was already open and I had no way of keeping it upright in the car.


After I saw him off on his trip this morning I headed downtown to check out the farmer’s market, and then visit a friend. After waking him up at, uh, 12:30, I sat on a bar stool in his condo drinking tea while he decided to groggily clean out his already immaculate fridge.

“Do you like pasta? I got this sauce at Costco and I’m not going to use it up.”


“Damn, my spinach froze on the top shelf”

“Why not steam it, or make lasagne or something with it?”

“Nah, I won’t use it. You want it?”


“How about balsamic vinaigrette?”

“You’re not going to use it?”

“Nah, I bought two of them. You want it?”


That added another grocery bag of stuff to my car. I shook my head the entire way home. Now the only thing I have to get this week is house cleaning stuff, and they’re on for buy one get one free this week.

If this happened on a regular basis, I would have NO problems staying within my budget. If only.

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10 responses to “Free Tastes Good

  1. Holimoli! I wish I had friends like that haha!

  2. Hey, now.. share the wealth! :D

  3. lol!! I do this to my BFF too… she’s on a super tight budget so I share a lot. ;)

  4. That’s awesome!!! Enjoy some yummy meals with all the free goodies!

  5. Yay to free food. That’s fantastic, I am a wee bit jealous.

  6. Right on! Enjoy your freebies!

  7. Freebies are pretty sweet! When we moved across country last, we had a party in our empty apartment and forced our friends to clean out our pantry and cleaning supplies. Some said they felt ghetto doing it, but we know they secretly loved it.

    • That’s a GREAT idea! I know I’ve been the recipient of move related pantry supplies before, but I never thought to have a party around it.

      Actually a friend of mine moved to Japan and had to pare down her closet, so she had a “Sale” – $15 and you could take whatever you wanted out of her closet (She took the “have to keep” stuff out in advance). I use some of the stuff from that get together regularly.

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  9. That’s a great idea. I tried not to cook the last week before I go on vacation and eat out of the pantry. Too many times I have wasted food and come back from vacation to rotten food.

    In the office, sometimes we’d get treated to lunch seminars where people mainly go for free food. I think the office saying was, “Free tastes better.” :)

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