Why Can’t I Wear a Pinball Machine?

I want a pinball machine.

What I actually mean by “I want a pinball machine” is “I want a passive income stream that I can snowball into wealth”.

Chances are a handful of you have already read The Snowball, a book on the life of Warren Buffet. The guy is an investing genius, no doubt, but he needed a couple snowflakes to get the ball rolling in the first place. The guy had some serious hustle as a kid! One of the things he did as a boy was buy a pinball machine, and set it up at a local business. Instead of spending the money he made off it, he put the money towards buying more pinball machines. Genius I tell you.

Why can't you make me money???

One of the things that made Buffet so wealthy is the fact that he didn’t have a problem turning down “things” in favour of making more money. Me on the other hand…. well… lets just say that if I never had a problem doing that then I wouldn’t have this blog.

You are not a purse, you are a Hawaiian retirement condo. You just don't know it yet.

I devoured The Snowball cover to cover when I bought it. I found it absolutely fascinating! By the time finished it, I had come to one very important conclusion:

I am not, and will never be, Warren Buffet.

The man has spent his life relentlessly pursuing money, to the point that it impacted his family life. It made him unbelievably wealthy.

I have every intention of being wealthy one day, but not that wealthy. I don’t need to be that wealthy. I’m not going to say I wouldn’t want to be that wealthy; if someone came up to me and said “Here, I want you to take this money so you too can be as wealthy as Warren Buffet”, I certainly wouldn’t turn them down. I just don’t need it though.

You are not a trench coat, you are a million dollar investment account!
Crap, I already bought you.

I will be a millionaire one day. I’m not even going to question that, I’m just setting it as a goal to make sure it happens. Billionaire? Nope. Not unless I invent something that’s absolutely life changing and make a small large fortune off it.

For now, I’m going to continue struggling with constant pull of material things. Designer vs. Dividends. Securities vs. Shoes. Cash vs. Clothes. I’ll win sometimes and I’ll lose sometimes, but I’ll keep up the good fight. More specifically, I’ll keep up the good fight on my primary income while other income streams will go towards building wealth.

And I’m looking for my pinball machine.

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14 responses to “Why Can’t I Wear a Pinball Machine?

  1. I’ve never read The Snowball, but I’m sure it’s a very interesting read. That’s quite the ingenuity to get started with his pinball machine business as a kid.

    I completely agree about being a billionaire. Who really needs that much money? Just being a millionaire one day is a nice realisic goal to aim for.

  2. I love Warren Buffet! He is such a true inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. I haven’t read his book but def. will pick up a copy now.

    I will also agree with you about being a billionaire. I think my happy medium is just having enough to survive along with a little left over to splurge on wants and vacays. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that money anyways ;)

    • Yep, I agree. Why put all of that stress on yourself trying to obtain an astronomical sum of money when you can look after your bases, have a some extra spending money, and still be happy?

  3. Sweet post! I really enjoyed it because I can honestly relate to everything you said. My BF dreams of being a millionaire billionaire and starting up his own company and being the CEO. Typical LOL. But for me – I’m content with whatever life brings me… I prefer experiences and shopping compared to investing every single penny I have.

    Though shoes are kiiiiinda like pinball machines. I purchased shoes for $200 and sold them for $700. If only all shoes were like that.

  4. I’ve never read that book! It sounds interesting. I’d love to be a billionaire. But that’s not going to happen and I am too lazy to work hard toward it, so I’ll settle for millionaire ;)

  5. Hehehe I love the captions on your pictures. Especially the trench coat. With the prices of designer pieces, if you save what you would have to spend on them you really can get a condo somewhere.

    • It’s so true. I can’t remember who suggested it, but they said when they bought something they put an equal amount of money into savings. I think doing that is the only way I’ll be able to get the best of both worlds one day.

  6. I’ll definitely have to read that book at some point. I have no idea how rich I want to be. I just want to be comfortable. What I really want is my own pinball machine as well. I’m not going to use it as hardcore as Buffet though, I will use it to afford me some wants as well as investing.

  7. HAHAHAHA I haven’t read that book yet but this is EXACTLY how I think.

    I want to buy wealthy and I know it’s smarter to buy investments, but then I just got $200 in new dresses last weekend and I’m like…. I feel so good. So so good. Why do people buy passive-income-generating stuff when they can own something in that shade of blue that is oh so perfect for spring?

    Maybe I’m not cut out for wealth?

    • Hahahahahaha. Oh dear Bridget, we’re cut from the same cloth. Given your savings goals, I’m sure you’ll be wealthy one day. You’ll need to be, because even with the minimalist purging you might need a bigger closet one day ;) lol.

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