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Making My Wardrobe Wearable Without Buying More Clothes

The irony isn’t lost on me that as I sat down to write this post FB’s wardrobe sale caught my eye. I messaged her about the Bionic tweed wrap dress. It needs an hourglass retro shape, and I have an hourglass retro shape. Just figured I’d be honest with you all ;)

I’ve been working on purging my closet for the better part of 3 years now. While all most of the items in the closet are quite wearable, I find myself wearing the same stuff over and over again. Why? Lots of reasons actually, and I’ve been slowly trying to tackle them. These are the most common issues I’ve run into that I’m trying to overcome right now:

It doesn’t fit!

These 5 pairs of pants have basically been hanging in my closet unworn for the last 9 months. Why? They were too long, and I haven’t worn heels in ages. In all reality, even with heels on, they always were too long. We’re not talking cuffing them once here, we’re talking 2 or 3 wide rolls.

There was a Groupon out recently for a new tailor in my area: 5 pairs of pants hemmed for $19. SOLD! I hate hemming pants, and I’m not very good at it, so I grabbed these 5 and took them in to have them hemmed for flats. All said and done it cost me $29.65 (Groupon+Tax+$8 for 2 pairs of pant lining hem). I would be hard pressed to find 5 new pairs of pants for $30, but that’s what it feels like. I’m wearing the light dress pants today with a purple top. :)

They’re broken…

I have 2 pairs of boots in my closet that have been unworn for almost as long as the pants were, because they needed work done on them. One is a pair of tall brown equestrian style flat boots, and the other is a pair of tall black high heeled boots. I had a tread piece attached to the flat boots, because they were too slippery to walk in otherwise. The tread is loose at the toes, and needs to be glued on again. The black boots just need new heel caps.  I’m not sure what it’ll cost me this year to have it done, but I’m going to guess $30.

It’s all wrinkled…

As much as I know I’m supposed to love my body, it really is a pain in the butt when it comes to clothing. Ironing cloth is one thing. Ironing small shirts with darts all over the place so that they actually fit me?

Pain. In. The. Ass.

I had thought recently about using some of my Airmiles for Banana Republic gift cards (yay petite section!), but I have their shirts hanging in my closet unworn already. What I really need is a garment steamer. What do you know, they have one in there currently that is less than 100 miles more than what I have right now! So, for the time being, I’m patiently saving my miles. All going well this baby will be mine in a month or two.

The colour is just… wrong….

This one I do a little less frequently due to the mess I’ve been known to make. That being said, it can do an incredible job of refreshing clothes that would otherwise be destined for the sewing scraps pile. Clothes that have faded or taken on an awkward hue can be dyed back to their original colour, or to a darker shade of another colour. I’ve taken unfortunate purchases (wide leg dirty/acid wash denim anyone?), and made them presentable with a box of dark navy dye. Bluing also does a decent job on whites that are looking a little dingy.

It needs to be styled differently…

Several bloggers do a great job of showing me how to do this. I’m starting small. I’ve wrapped long necklaces into bracelets, tied belts rather than using the buckles, and used scarves as, well, everything. Most recently I took the ribbon off one of my Christmas gifts and started using it as a headband.

Basically what this all boils down to is looking after your clothes, and making them work double duty. I’ve been bad about neglecting my stuff in the past, and it’s something I know need to work on. I had the epiphany last year while polishing some boots that if I don’t have time to properly look after the stuff I have, I have too much stuff.

’nuff said.

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